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GoswainthaDiary - A freeware personal diary software/journal software/program, could become your personal digital diary and journal software to record your daily events and memories, in your creative words. Runs on Desktop PCs, and Netbooks too. For everyone who enjoys writing journal of their day to day actions and events. GoswainthaDiary is freeware, and requires no payment for any commercial license/use. GoswainthaDiary is a very simple, yet comprehensive free personal diary software product! If you write daily entries and memoirs in diaries, why not at least glance at digital diary software, which is specialized only for this purpose. If you are a diary freak, this personal diary software, is just the right stuff for you! Record all your historic daily events and actions, right into a diary/diary software, as your own expressed creative words. There's also a rough notebook in GoswainthaDiary, just in case you wish to store any kind of note, into it's true appropirate place (Notebook Categories, and Collections). GoswainthaDiary free personal diary program, also consists of an Addressbook, just in chance, that you wish to store a person's address, phone numbers, photograph, and his or her email/website addresses. Write almost anything, and store pictures, right into the Database! Diary entries are always collected, based on their designated exact Calendar date and time. So it is easy to find the entries in the Diary Year-View feature, or just search a keyword and GoswainthaDiary shall give you the findings if any of the entries match with the target keyword.

GoswainthaDiary is a free personal diary and journal software for Windows. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Windows, and at least 1 GB RAM, and at least 1024x600 Pixels full colors resolution. GoswainthaDiary also works on Netbooks, in at least 1024x600 Pixels full color resolution, with at least 1 GB RAM. So you can carry GoswainthaDiary on Netbooks, and even on USB Flash Drives. Hence this Software is portable. GoswainthaDiary runs on both x86, and x64 Windows. Please remember that GoswainthaDiary shall run with full capacity and with 64 Bit features, and in extended > 3GB+ memory (RAM), and with petabytes+ of Database capacity support, while in 64 Bit mode in 64 Bit Windows, without flaws. 64 Bits Netbooks should be your best choice when you are mobile on the road, or outside the house, having something to write in GoswainthaDiary diary software. You can compose poems daily, and store them in their own categories and collections in the GoswainthaDiary Notebook. You can invent as many Categories in Notebook and in other features, and create as many or more Collections in any or each of those Categories. The Collection should store/list the document/entries which you want to keep. If you delete any entry from the Diary, or from any other feature, afterwards, you can recover/restore the entry, from the Trash-Bin, where the entry is kept, untill you restore it. You can completely destroy the entry from the Trash-Bin. This software, also consists of a Scientific Calculator in the Tools Menu, just in case you need it. You can insert a file attachment in an Entry whether it's a Diary Entry, or an Entry in another feature. Record and store your Voice logs from mic, and attach these voice logs with the entries. Voice recording is sometimes very handy when you wish to express yourself in real voice, and keep the recording as a voice media attachment with any entry. Likewise, you can easily modify/update/edit any existing Entry and it's attachments too. And you are easily able to delete an attachment from an Entry. There is an Entry editor, an extended Word Processor, with full printing and print preview features. You can load Text files, and RichText .rtf files and store them into entries, or you can load an Entry, and export the document data to an external Text/.rtf file. It is easy to embedd pictures, and files in the Entry's document.

This is a new Software and therefore is a stranger to the World! Help GoswainthaDiary to become popular. Contact support Email at:

GoswainthaDiary Software minimum system requirements on the user's computer

1. .NET Framework 4.0 installed, go to the Downloads page to download .NET Framework 4.0 and install it on your Windows Computer.
2. Intel x86 Pentium 4 (More powerful processors recommended).
3. At least 1 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended)
4. Windows XP SP3 (Windows 7 recommended).
5. At least 1024x600 full color resolution (1080p HD resolution recommended).
6. At least 20 MB free hard disk space for installation (500+ free space recommended).


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journal software from this website

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GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software
GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software


GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software
GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software


GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software
GoswainthaDiary free diary journal software




"Everything shall be free, without any cost, in the Paradise, in the Kingdom of Heavens, in the new World, that shall come! Then why should I sell my things when they have no value in the Paradise?" - Tushar, developer of GoswainthaDiary!

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